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Mortgage Banking Venture - $5 Million Line of Credit 

EAI Venture Ranked 61st Fastest Growing Company in Inc. 500

Wireless Security Solution Developer - Selected as Venture Capital Forum Finalist, $2 Million in Equity Financing Offered

B2B Information Provider - $21.5 Million Second Round Equity Financing

Medical Device Developer - $3.4 Million Private Placement

Biopharmaceutical Venture - Convertible Debentures Placed


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Of the more than 300,000 Growing Ventures and 50,000 Startups seeking equity funding each year, fewer than 15,000 will get the cash they need. Of these 15,000 companies, Venture Capitalists will fund around 2,500 to 3,000, with the remaining 12,000 or so being financed by Angels and other sources of private equity. Download our brochure for an overview of how our clients use BulletProof Business Plans to consistently beat these odds.

30 Minute Business Plan Guide 

BulletProof Business Plans' definitive business planning tool, the 30 Minute Business Plan Guide, is scheduled for publication in September of 2003. Register now to receive a $20 discount, 40% off the cover price, upon publication, and learn the secrets to effectively developing a world-class, strategy driven business plan that yields results.

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See articles on BulletProof Business Plans from Business Week, Entrepreneur, Inc.Magazine, Strategic Finance, CPA Software News, Smart Computing and other publications.

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Know Your Audience 

To best present your business plan to venture capitalists, angel investors or a lending institution, you have to know what it is they want. One way to understand what they want is to understand how they make money. Here is a quick overview of how venture capital requirements differ from angel and lending requirements.

Free Business Plan Market Intelligence 

At a minimum, your team's knowledge of market forces and uncertainties should equal the insights potential funding sources will uncover in the earliest stages of due diligence. While our business plan services represent a highly efficient means rapidly moving to this critical standard and beyond, we have included some tips here for the tens of thousands of small businesses for whom our business plan services are simply not an economically viable alternative.

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