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What's It Worth?

Shouldn't You Know What Your Biggest Investment Is Worth

For most entrepreneurs, their current venture consumes more time, money and emotional energy than any other investment they hold.  While their homes and investment portfolios may have taken more dollars to aqcuire, growing a company requires resources that may be hard to quanitify.  Most of these business owners can tell you, with some degree of confidence, what their home and other investments are worth.  Why then do so few, less than 95%, of small business owners have an idea of what their company is worth? 

One reason may be that housing prices are often quoted in the press, by brokers, by neighbors that just purchased or those that just sold.  Similary, the value of a securities portfolio is usually just a telephone call away.  To get the value of a privately held business typically requires the assistance of a trained, competent professional.  While such expertise is appropriate, and mandatory for certain transactions, it can be quite costly.  BallPark Business Valuation allows the millions of small businesses that should have an idea of what their Company is worth, but do not need a formal valuation performed, to generate an objective estimate. 

BallPark Business Valuation takes users step by step through the valuation process.  The program gives those with little or no financial or accounting background a fast and easy way to create a value estimate, while providing financial professionals the power to perform detailed analysis.

BallPark Business Valuation can be ordered directly at 800-656-5443 (priced at $29.95)., or delivered online through a secure, high-speed server.

About BulletProof Business Plans

Founded in 1996, BulletProof Business Plans, Inc. provides professional business planning services and develops unique desktop applications to meet the needs of entrepreneurial ventures.  The Company pursues a unique strategy of using insights into the needs of small businesses, gained by producing strategic plans for growing companies, to identify and develop new software applications that meet these needs.  In the most recent fiscal period, the Company's planning services were used to facilitate over $25 million in capital transactions for small and medium sized enterprises. 

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