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More than 14 years ago, we realized that only a very small fraction of visitors to our site (perhaps 1 in 5,000) were targets for business plan services. Instead, the vast majority of those visiting our site simply needed to get an idea of what should go into a business plan, along with key factors to consider when preparing a plan document. As a courtesy to students, entrepreneurs and educators, we prepared a series of Web pages to assist these visitors in furthering their entrepreneurial pursuits. We are very proud that over 5,000,000 visitors have used these pages to date. Click here to see the Free Sample Business Plan, and good luck with your venture.

It should be noted that the Free Sample Business Plan is NOT A SAMPLE OR REPRESENTATION OF OUR WORK PRODUCT. Instead, it is a public service developed in html years ago, solely by our staff, and only slightly modified since that time. We are currently working on a new version of the Free Sample Business Plan that we hope to complete by mid-2009. For those interested in a sample of the hundreds of business plans we have produced professionally, we have included a series of thumbnails below. 

The Market ( 7-12 Pages )
Executive Summary ( 3-4 Pages )
The Organization ( 4-6 Pages )
Key Risks / Time Line
The Enterprise ( 5-7 Pages )
Financial Projection ( 12-16 Pages )

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  Good luck with your business plan and even better luck with your venture!

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